Meta Vending Machine and NFT shipping address

zkMeta Shipping Address

  • Add your shipping address to your metacard for easy detail shared for shipping

  • NFT Shipping Option:

    Add any shipping address to your main metacard for easy information sharing and streamlined shipping management.

    1. NFT Shipping Addresses:

    - Introducing a new way to set shipping information using NFT properties.

    - Streamline the shipping process with easy address management.

    2. Scan, Add, then Ship:

    - Recipient NFT Information: The receiver adds shipping information to the metadata of the NFT from their dashboard.

    - The shipping information can be edited at any time.

    - Click "Copy" from the dashboard to obtain the NFT STAMP, which will be used for shipping.

    3. Sender:

    - The sender receives the recipient's NFT STAMP.

    - Scan: Scan the empty shipping label QR code using a compatible scanner.

    4. Attaching NFT to the Shipping Label:

    - Add: Drag and drop the receiver's NFT onto the provided box stamp.

    - Click "Confirm" to complete the action.

    - The NFT data, including all necessary shipping information, is now stored on the QR code printed on the package.

    5. Customization Options:

    - Customize the package's appearance to show the NFT image and address or only the address when scanned by a reputable shipping company scanner.

    With this innovative approach, shipping information can be easily set and managed using NFT properties. By attaching the NFT to the shipping label via scanning and utilizing the QR code, all relevant data is conveniently stored and accessible during the shipping process. Additionally, the option to customize the package's appearance adds a personalized touch when scanned by shipping providers.


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